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My curation of good PWA examples

If you stumbled upon this article, it probably means that you have heard about PWAs and know what they are roughly. I will tell you all that you need to know about a PWA — what they are, what constitutes a PWA exactly and Why PWAs?

Previously, I also had all these questions in my head, though I have read a few articles on PWAs. I THINK I knew what it was, but at the end of the day I still ask myself this: Aren’t PWAs just…

Use multi-threading in web scraping to instantly speed up your web scraping tasks

Sequential vs. multi-threaded program (concurrency)
Sequential vs. multi-threaded program (concurrency)
Photo by the author.

Web scraping is a task that is increasingly utilized for many projects in different domains (e.g. scraping sample data for a software project, data for training machine learning models, etc.). In most projects, we use tools like Selenium, Beautiful Soup, and Scrapy to help us scrape data from websites.

However, a common problem we face is that web scraping is extremely time-consuming! …

An explanation of the common ways to use useState & useEffect Hooks API

cover photo of react useState & useEffect
cover photo of react useState & useEffect

As we move towards creating more functional components over class components for cleaner code, we will be using the React Hooks APIs more often. The first few React Hooks that we will use are: useState and useEffect. Hence, it is important that we understand and master them fully, and implement them in our react apps correctly.

In this article, I will try to give easy-to-understand explanations of these hooks and illustrate them with practical examples in code sandbox. …

Mutation in JavaScript and why this is important to know

Let us go back to basics: “In JavaScript, are variables or constants immutable?”

cover photo for immutability
cover photo for immutability

The answer is neither, and if you even have a little hesitation on your answer, read on. Every programming language have different flavors and characteristics, and in JavaScript, this is one of the most important things to be aware of, especially while we are picking up a few languages like Python, Java, etc.

You may not necessarily change how you code in JavaScript immediately, but in knowing this early, it will prevent you from getting into nasty situations that are difficult to debug later on. …

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I have faced the exact same problem and spent several hours researching deep into this, so let me do you a favour and summarise my findings for you and SAVE YOU SOME HAIR

Here may be some google searches you have tried before reaching this medium post:

  • GitHub pages not displaying correctly
  • GitHub pages shows file
  • GitHub pages shows 404 page
  • GitHub pages does not detect my index.html
  • My…

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Photo by Émile Perron on Unsplash

As part of Demo Test — Codility practices

#Python Largest Binary Gap

Codility is one coding assessment platform (aside from HackerRank) that is being used by companies.
Rakuten Viki is one company that uses this for software engineer or related positions


A binary gap within a positive integer N is any maximal sequence of consecutive zeros that is surrounded by ones at both ends in the binary representation of N.

For example, number 9 has binary representation 1001 and contains a binary gap of length 2. The number 529 has binary representation 1000010001 and contains two binary gaps: one of…

How to use RecyclerView & CardView

If you have looked through many tutorials implementing RecyclerView & CardView, and you are still thinking why your Android Application is still facing many problems that you dont know how to solve, then this post is for you!

First of all…

Does any of these seem familiar to you?

  1. When you are trying to create your CardView…. but you cant see its design properly….
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This is what your Cardview looks like…this is wrong

Though in tutorials it looks nice like this

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